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  1. General Talk - R/C
    I need help! Hello everyone! I am new to the world of RC cars, and I am currently in the process of buying one. The car I am viewing is a custom made car with the following parts: 2 cell Lipo 3300 Battery (I have a 3 cell lying around) 9turn brushless Motor ($150 alone) Hobby fan esx with...
  2. General Talk - Non R/C
    this is my current project i am working on for a Guinness speed record. what you see here is the Mk1, i am currently working on the Mk2 which will be longer and a little wider. love to hear your feedback Daz
  3. Buggies - Electric
    Hi Guys, First post on this forum. I am very new to this wonderful hobby. Started with a Rustler Vxl and then recently bought my first Electric Buggy Vorza Flux .. Very happy with the performance of Vorza... Here is my first crash straight into a light post !!! Lucky me damage at...
1-3 of 3 Results