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  1. General Talk - R/C
    Hi I have this vintage oval looking car and old nitro they are broken. They have no brand marking on them. I was wondering if anyone knows what they is. This would be much appreciated thanks. I have had these for a while a wanted to know what I have thanks for everyones input. :D
  2. Bashing Spots and Tracks
    hi, anyone been to the rc track at albion park? i have not been there yet but once i get a radio and charger for my slash i will take it there. anyone from illawarra area on these forums? cheers
  3. Planks
    Hello, I'm new and looking getting into flying Aircrafts and I'm looking for a good Transmitter to start out with with ARF Plane, or would be best to get RTF? Thanks Steve P.S If this post is doubled please point out where the information is.
1-3 of 3 Results