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  1. Buggies - Electric
    :confused: I wanted to get into racing I was thinking sct but now I want a good fast 2wd buggy. I would like to build a kit. But I am new to racing, never raced. I have a slash and other cars. I like the look of the team associated and the losi but I am not sure. Also can I use my slash...
  2. Monster Truck - Nitro 1/8 Scale
    Hi can anyone help me? I have a hyper 21 engine in my MT and have seen on websites that there are different kinds (21/8, 21 turbo and standard 8). How do you tell which is which? Mine just has 21 on the side of it:confused: Also I an getting into racing and want to know if the 21 is suitable...
1-2 of 2 Results