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  1. Small Electric Helicopters
    Hi there all. Still pretty new to this. Had a Blade mQX for a while now, but wanting to try a six-axis for better stability etc. I was looking at a nano QX until I came across the Walkera Hoten X - but finding stockists in Brisbane/SE Qld is proving difficult. Found one online where I can...
  2. Videos
    G'day Aussie friends... not sure if people here are into the quadcopters, but my friend picked up the AR Drone 2.0 a while back and we went to his place to check it out! If you guys enjoy this enjoy this one, the wife and I have a couple others of our Blade mQX and the AR. Cheers, Giggz
  3. Small Electric Helicopters
    It looks a little different now , as it has the factory gaui light kit mounted under the motors, in the booms. I also have lights wrapped around the booms, red to the rear and white to the front. The main lights on it now are red on the rear and white to the front. The vid was taken on an I...
1-3 of 3 Results