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  1. Buggies - Electric
    Hi guys, a few days a go I bought my losi mini 8ight, I've since run 4 cycles through it and three of those times the radio would drop out. I wasn't a huge distance away from the car. Maybe 15-20 metres. Has anyone else had this problem and the stock radio is just utter crap or should I be...
  2. Batteries and Chargers
    I am currently using an Imax B606 AC Pro charger, which I purchased a while ago for $120. Since new, it has been making a loud whirring noise for about 5-10 mins after i begin the charge (using redback 2s 5000mah lipo), which I simply disregarded as unimportant. Recently, however, the LCD has...
  3. Radios
    hey guys, i bought a Futaba 3pk, recently, and it said in the manual not to use commercial AA batteries in it (i spent 40$ on 8 Rechargeable's for it before hand) are there any problems with using these?
  4. Engine Tuning
    Hey guys, Ive recently installed a 30.5cc big bore kit on my old 23cc Fulie crankcase, But im seeing no increase in power! I am using the stock crab, have installed everything properly and have run the engine in too. What I have found is that no matter what my high end adjustment is, It...
1-4 of 4 Results