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  1. General Talk - R/C
    Hi everyone, got my nitro buggy a few weeks ago, but I'm looking for somewhere to use it - anyone know of any open spaces around? (that isn't grass)? Thanks
  2. Monster Truck - Nitro 1/8 Scale
    Whats a good nitro car 1/8 or 1/10. Somthing easy to start with a electric start. Somthing like the hpi savage or the traxxas revo. Any ideas thanks. Pros and cons of different nitro cafs thanks
  3. Buggies - Nitro
    I know the general concensus on HSP around here, and i dont blame people - i bought it as a bit of fun and have spet more time replacing parts, repairing, or combing the grass out back for bits that have fallen off than i have driving it. BUT - i think they are OK fr 2 reasons: 1. They are...
  4. General Talk - R/C
    Hi I have this vintage oval looking car and old nitro they are broken. They have no brand marking on them. I was wondering if anyone knows what they is. This would be much appreciated thanks. I have had these for a while a wanted to know what I have thanks for everyones input. :D
  5. Bashing Spots and Tracks
    Hi all, i'm new to the scene and just bought a GV JCT Truggy. So far i haven't found any nitro tracks local to me, i'm from the Ipswich area. The Carole Park track is pretty beat up, no such course to follow just random jumps. Can anyone help
  6. Batteries and Chargers
    Hi Guys I am considering a nitro slash from tower hobbies. My question is, can the chargers handle 240v or will I need to buy another charger. I would consider buying this from an Aus supplier but I cant find it in one.
  7. Stadium Trucks - Nitro
    Hi Guys I want a traxxas nitro slash. anyone found them in Aus yet I can only find them on Tower Hobbies. I'm really new to this and am quite excited to get into it.
  8. General Talk - R/C
    Hey, I have been really keen on getting a nitro buggy, I've never used or had one before(other than some electric ones). I was wondering if I could get any advice on nitro buggy I could get. I really don't know much about the brands and stuff, but I have been doing some research. I would like...
  9. General Talk - R/C
    hey guys, Im thinking of selling my traxxas revo 3.3 almost a month old,Havent even used a bottle of nitro fuel yet.Comes with a swallow charger and a personalised tackle box full of extra bits and peices,Plus 2 fuel bottles.Also have installed monster truck style LED lights. As expected it...
  10. General Talk - R/C
    Just picked up my traxxas revo 3.3, decided to get out of the traxxas spartan! Never had a buggy/truck nitro before so let's see how it goes tomorrow! The pack includes so many bits & pieces, very surprised. If anyone bash's rc cars around South east Melbourne give me A pm. A friend also also...
  11. Truggies - Nitro
    A while ago I wanted to race Nitro Truggy's (Come on I mean look at them). But being too young to get a job I could not afford it. Now that I can I really want to get involved but I am still hesitant. I have used countless electric r/c's but nothing close to race grade. So some info is what I...
  12. Buggies - Nitro
    G'day All, Just finished off paying for my new Thunder Tiger EB4 S2 and needed some help getting all of my facts right before i go out and probably blow it up :eek: The buggy has a .21 PRO-21BX-R Nitro engine and being my first nitro need to find out what i need to do to keep it happy. I've...
  13. Monster Truck - Nitro 1/8 Scale
    Hi I am new to this thread. I am 11 years old and have a hoboa 1/8 pirate MT and I am having alot of trouble finding parts, the shop I bought it from can not get certain parts for it:mad:. I was just wondering if anyone can tell us where I can get a rear diff as my dad chewed it out:bang:. I...
  14. Truggies - Nitro
    Hi, Thought I would share with you my new Truggy. This is my first Nitro car. Car before this was a very old Tamiya Manta Ray (see photo). Followed the HPI manual and have now run it through its engine break-in, 1 tank at idle with wheels off the ground, 2 tanks at varying speeds up-to...
  15. Boats
    I have recently bought a new nitro truck and have no use for the old buggy. Its nearly at the end of its life. so i thought i would build a nitro jet boat but cant seem to find a cheap jet drive... so i thought i could buy a NQD jet boat and put in the radio, servos and engine from my old car...
1-15 of 18 Results