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  1. Batteries and Chargers
    I just got back from a bit of a solo bash with my Stampede vxl. Very deep puddles. I noticed when I got home and pulled the battery out that there is some moisture(looks like condensation, clear cover Power Cell)I also have a black covered Venom batt, I assume it's the same inside. My question...
  2. Monster Trucks - Electric 1/10 Scale
    Hi all I'm new to hobby RC (toys as a kid) and since October I now have a stampede vxl 2010 (vxl-3s esc + velineon brushless motor). I'm getting a bit confused from my research on the net. What is the benefit of lipo over nimh, apart from power(I have 2 nimh batteries 8.4v 3000 &4200 mAh)...
1-2 of 3 Results