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  1. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hi there, I'm looking at getting into nitro racing. im still not sure of whether to get an off road truck or an onroad car. Living in the mountains I fell that there will be more places to drive an offroad but im not sure. If anyone could give me some tips that would be great, and also what to...
  2. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hi All, Just got back into RC (last time on the track was 1986), wish i did more research on this forum and on the net as i just purchased a Thunder Tiger BX(brushed/2.4ghz) car. If i knew better i would have gotten the brushless system instead, ohwells woe is me to the third degree...
  3. General Talk - R/C
    Hi There, I'm new to the RC world. What initially attracted me to the hobby was the Nitro trucks, in particular the HPI Savage X 4.6. However, after doing plenty of research I have found I much prefer the size of the 1/10 scale MT(Monster Truck), ST (Stadium Trucks) and Buggies over the 1/8...
1-3 of 3 Results