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  1. Local groups
    Hi guys, I have just started a group for RC Drifting in the eastern 'burbs of melbourne :) i have create a G+ page for it as I will not be regularly posting on this form here is the link :) I will most likely be running the drift...
  2. Local groups
    I can't seem to find club for monster truck and short course owners in Melbourne, so I figured why not start one myself? Haha. Would anyone else be interested in starting one?
  3. Boats
    Hey people, If anyone's got an rc boat or interested in purchasing a boat but don't want to go out on your own, now you don't have too! A friend & i always do weekend runs, it would definitely be more fun & make things more interesting with more people! We're located in south east Melbourne...
  4. Local groups
    Hi All, I'm from Melbourne and new to RC boats. been really excited to finally stump in to a RC forum like this. I've been looking for someone to go boating with. I've only found two clubs so far. guys at Surrey Hills seem to have all kind of boats. but last time when I had a look at...
  5. Bashing Spots and Tracks
    Hi, I have Hyper ST and just bought a AXE Rossi Cobra for it, finally having some reliable running :-), just wondering where people race these things? I went to MORRCC twice but it seems to be gone now (over grown and in dis-repair) So where should I go to race my Truggy? Help!
1-5 of 5 Results