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  1. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hi, I'm a new guy from Gens ace and Tattu, a Rc lipo battery brand. If you anyone have a problem about lipo, you can ask me for help. I'm really glad to help you! Thank you.:)
  2. Batteries and Chargers
    Hi All just wondering if anyone had any experience with these? I am looking at getting some batteries for my stampede 4x4 Hobbyking are all out of all 3 varieties at the moment. Are they really that good? or are they only a recent release? 5000mah...
  3. Batteries and Chargers
    Accidental double post - Please lock this Thread !!
  4. Boats
    A friend & I, purchased 2 Spartans a couple weeks ago, running 6s lipo's. Abit of wind or the smallest wave from the spartan it just spins out and rolls/flips so far we have only managed to sink them twice haha, pretty fun & awesome boat definitely might add a few mods to get more power etc...
  5. Batteries and Chargers
    This is quite a good educational read
  6. Batteries and Chargers
    hey guys I have a 5000mAh 20c 7.4 (2s) LiPo battery and I need to store it because I am going on vacation. When I go into the lipo storage section on my imax it comes up with two settings. One where i can change the (A) from 0.1 to 1.0. The other one lets me change the type of cell it is eg. 7.4...
  7. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hi again im about to order a slash vxl but i want to get some battaries and chargers and stuff and i was wondering if i needed to change anything for it to run 3s lipos without breaking anything ive been reading up and it says somthing about a esc cooling fan and a integy motor fan should i get...
  8. Buggies - Electric
    So It turns out the xxb I wanted doesn't come with the charger and battery, What battery and charger do you think would be suitable? I can't seem to find any specifically for it. Cheers guys.
  9. General Talk - R/C
    Up until today I have just been chucking my lipos (hard case and normal) straight into my tool box to carry around. I have been thinking of what to put them in and had a quick look on the net with not much luck. So I went to Bunnings today and bought this beauty for $50. Perfect for what I...
  10. General Talk - R/C
    Q: What do you call a person addicted to batteries? A: A bit batty. Eneloopy. A little bit celly. (Saw a couple of these on another forum.)
  11. Monster Trucks - Electric 1/10 Scale
    Hi all I'm new to hobby RC (toys as a kid) and since October I now have a stampede vxl 2010 (vxl-3s esc + velineon brushless motor). I'm getting a bit confused from my research on the net. What is the benefit of lipo over nimh, apart from power(I have 2 nimh batteries 8.4v 3000 &4200 mAh)...
1-11 of 15 Results