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  1. Planks
    FINALLY I got to open this baby! It was huge under the x-mas tree! :) This is the FMS T-28 Troajan with a 1400mm wingspan. Here are some of the specs: Material: Durable EPO Wingspan: 1400mm (55.1") Length: 1185mm (46.7") Flying Weight: 2400g Servo: 11 x 9g Servo, 1 x 17g Servo ESC: 50A...
  2. Planks
    I just realised I have had this plane for a couple of weeks now and hadnt started a thread on it. Shame on me. So here it is..... The plane is a FMS Mini T-28 Trojan in red and white navy paint scheme. Some specs on the plane are: Durable EPO Wing Span: 800mm Length: 615mm Approx Flying...
  3. Planks
    Here are some pics of my "Hanger". Its only a very small space and I spend a lot of time in there. I often just sit in my chair and day dream. Here are the pics. Parkzone T-28 Trojan.
  4. Planks
    This is the second of the HK planes I bought and recieved this week. It is the Focus EP 400, it was very simple to put together, itis of great quality, I think better then the Cessna, but it is less complicated. The only thing I dont like is that you have to remove the wing to put the lipo...
  5. Planks
    So I am now addicted to planks. So much so I had 3 arrive today from Hobby King! :) The first one is the HK Cessna 182. Here are the pics. Landing gear and horizontal stab Foam wheels There isnt many pieces to the kit The fuselage The kit was pretty simple to put togeter...
1-5 of 5 Results