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  1. Buggies - Nitro
    Im pretty sure I have Finished running my engine in and its time for tuning. The manual is confusing me a bit about settings for running in / Base Settings. because there is the main manual and then another smaller one dedicated to the engine and they both state different settings. In the...
  2. Welcome to AUSRC
    hey all, I'm Marlo, getting back into nitro rc after many years off. Located in the Parra area (found a defensive driving track that is pretty much free use during the day, located at Nirimba education precinct, quakers hill, join me if you can! the track is very lengthy and uninterrupted!)...
  3. General Talk - R/C
    Hi everyone, I recently swapped a mini for an old kyosho although not to sure on the name. The mini z has not been running for some odd reason as it was running perfectly fine up until now what it does is when I turn it on the steering flickers and there is no response from the engine apart from...
1-3 of 4 Results