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  1. Boats
    I'm looking to purchase a jetboat hull of a length between 0.9m to 1.3m. It would be prefferable to have a hull ASAP as it will be used in an Adelaide university engineering project that runs the course of this academic year only. Also if anyone has swashdrive/jettec/MHZ jet units...
  2. General Talk - Non R/C
    this is my current project i am working on for a Guinness speed record. what you see here is the Mk1, i am currently working on the Mk2 which will be longer and a little wider. love to hear your feedback Daz
  3. Boats
    I have recently bought a new nitro truck and have no use for the old buggy. Its nearly at the end of its life. so i thought i would build a nitro jet boat but cant seem to find a cheap jet drive... so i thought i could buy a NQD jet boat and put in the radio, servos and engine from my old car...
1-3 of 3 Results