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  1. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hey guys. So I have decided to get back into the hobby and purchased this HPI Blitz. The owner was nice enough to throw in a 2s 4000mah lipo with charger for a small extra cost but I would love to convert it to brushless. Ive never gone brushless before and have only ever had brushed cars...
  2. Monster Truck - Nitro 1/8 Scale
    Whats a good nitro car 1/8 or 1/10. Somthing easy to start with a electric start. Somthing like the hpi savage or the traxxas revo. Any ideas thanks. Pros and cons of different nitro cafs thanks
  3. Selling
    Bought rear arms for my baja forgetting that rpm arms aren't compatible with overkill upper arms. 2x upper 2x lower rear arms black brand new So sell for $50 or swap for new hpi, kraken or phatdad arms. Cash your way for phatdad arms Best to pm or message 0428216567. Not on here as often...
  4. General Talk - R/C
    Hello i am ew to this website and the community but not to R/c cars but the reason why i need help is im new to Drifting (ive always been a circus sorta guy) I own a HPI Sprint 2 flux and the only thing i really need help with is suspention does anyone know A good suspension Kit i can use for...
  5. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hi I am planning to get into racing at my local. What better a hpi blitz flux or team associated sc10rs. Please explain why and post suggestions. It will be a pure racer as I already have a slash 4x4 for bashing. I live in Australia so post links and your opinion. Thanks
  6. Buggies - Electric
    Hello everybody i am going to pick up my vorza That i have ordered and i was wondering if there is any hopups or upgrades I should get? Im only using it for bashing but i will test it on the track. I would also like to know some good tires for grass and dirt! Thankyou.
  7. Monster Trucks - Electric 1/10 Scale
    Ok... Today at the skate park after running it on a full pack 3S and then 5mins of a 2S it suddenly stopped. It has no transmitter controls at all but the esc was continuously flashing and beeping. I've eliminated the esc by swapping it with a spare and also tried another battery so it really...
  8. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hey all. I already have an account on here but cant remember what the username is :tape: but ill re-introduce myself... Steve 21 Gold Coast Produce Storeman at the Rocklea Markets 2 Nitros (Thunder Tiger Tomahawk XL & EB4 S2) 2 Electrics (HPI E10 & Tamiya TT01E) Lost interest in the Nitro cars...
  9. Tourers - Electric
    I was looking around on the good o'l web and came across this thread on the Hpi Sprint 2 flux and thought it might be of interest to some on here with these cars. It contains a fair amount of...
  10. Tourers - Electric
    Well, my new toy has arrived and although I got it second hand, it is in great nic. As this is my first go at a drift car, is there any tips and or tricks you guys can suggest in relation to this particular car. Thanks in advance, Cheers Dave.
  11. Truggies - Nitro
    Hi there, Ive had my HPI Trophy 4.6 Truggy for nearly two years now, and I'm slowly starting to do some upgrades. Im in the middle of upgrading the servos and a 3-shoe clutch. I wanted to upgrade the exhaust, but i wanted to know a few things: - Does a new pipe affect the overall performance...
  12. Truggies - Nitro
    Hi all, Had my Trophy 4.6 truggy for nearly a year now, and its been great. But yesterday while driving it around i noticed something weird. I would be accelerating, then i would put the brakes on to slow down, it struggled to slow down, and it sounded like the revs weren't dropping back down to...
  13. Servos, ESCs and Failsafes
    Hi all, Just wondering what you guys think. I have a HPI Trophy 4.6 Truggy, a 1/8th scale, the stock servos are shocking. The brakes just don't grab well at all, and the steering is well under powered. I was thinking of putting either: - For the Steering either a Savox SC-1256TG or a Savox...
1-13 of 25 Results