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  1. Batteries and Chargers
    Accidental double post - Please lock this Thread !!
  2. General Talk - R/C
    Purchased 2 of these 2.4Ghz Quannum Telemetry recievers on the 10/9 and received them on the 17/9. 1 of them was DOA in that it would connect to the TX but no voltages were displayed. Kicked off a warranty claim with them...
  3. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hey guys, Im an RC drifter and recently fell in love with the SCT. So im trying to decide on what to get but I am very budget concious. 2 of my friends jumped in and got themselved 2wd 1:10 Traxxas Slash ( and...
  4. Planks
    And this is the last of the 3 planes I got from Hobbyking this week. It is the Stinger 64 EDF Jet.
  5. General Talk - R/C
    I bought a Turnigy Keychain camera off ebay last week, it arrived this week. It was only $7.69 Here is the link.......... I bought it will all intentions of only using it with my planes. So today I velcro'd it to my...
  6. Planks
    Here is a small how to. I got the idea off youtube. All the parts to make this work I got from Hobbyking. The parts I used were: 1. Yellow/orange (its called yellow but looks orangish) LED's. Comes in 1m length 2. Brushed speed controller 3. so wire, I used a long servo extension and...
  7. Planks
    This is the second of the HK planes I bought and recieved this week. It is the Focus EP 400, it was very simple to put together, itis of great quality, I think better then the Cessna, but it is less complicated. The only thing I dont like is that you have to remove the wing to put the lipo...
  8. Planks
    Well now that I have sold up all of my cars, trucks and buggies and have taken up flying AGAIN (heli's) I have decided I would get a plank also to add to the collection. I decided to get the Hobbyking Bixler. It comes ARF, just needed to add my own rx and ESC. I went for the Hobbyking 30A blue...
1-8 of 8 Results