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  1. Videos
    Saw this on another forum and thought that some of you might be interested. Pinion ITP with Bobby Watts and the Gaui X7 at LVFF 2012! - YouTube Cheers Dave.
  2. Small Electric Helicopters
    I have had the quad for a good while now and thought I would post the build thread here. I hope you enjoy it. Well the 300x and the 500 upgrade kit arrived yesterday and it was here for me when I got home. I got started on it after tea and took a number of pics through the build and I will...
  3. Small Electric Helicopters
    It looks a little different now , as it has the factory gaui light kit mounted under the motors, in the booms. I also have lights wrapped around the booms, red to the rear and white to the front. The main lights on it now are red on the rear and white to the front. The vid was taken on an I...
  4. Electric Helicopters
    I thought I would do a bit of a thread of my experience with building the X7. I have worked on it during the day ( not flat out) but taking my time and enjoying the experience. I have actually completed the build except for the electronics, I have even programmed my radio as much as I can. I...
  5. Electric Helicopters
    I have taken posession of my new - The Gaui X7. I have a couple of pics of it here, but I have also done a build review of it and could post that here if people are interested. Cheers Dave.
1-5 of 5 Results