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  1. HPI Baja
    hey guys! i have recently bought myself a Baja 5B 2.0 RTR, and its coming in the mail, so i thought i would get ready! i had a couple questions! 1) has anybody got a review of the 2.0 Radio gear? 2) how big is the petrol tank in the 5B? 3) do i need a battery pack for the remote, or just 8 AA...
  2. Boats
    A friend & I, purchased 2 Spartans a couple weeks ago, running 6s lipo's. Abit of wind or the smallest wave from the spartan it just spins out and rolls/flips so far we have only managed to sink them twice haha, pretty fun & awesome boat definitely might add a few mods to get more power etc...
  3. Large Scale - General
    I will be getting this baja of off pete05 in a couple of weeks It will be my first 1/5 th scale car. I have previously had a hpi savage x 4.1 and I currently have a hpi firestorm e-flux and helis. I have wanted to have one for a while...
1-3 of 3 Results