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  1. General Talk - R/C
    I left the baja at a mates place last weer and he made up a bracket to mountt his fpv gear to. I popped over there today and took the TX this time. We ran it around his front yard a bit, mainly to make sure it would work and things would stay on the car. It is only a short vid, but it was...
  2. RC Helicopter General Discussion
    Is anyone on the forum into the multi-rotor FPV scene? I've been interested in this type or aircraft for ages since I saw the first AR Parrot Drones. I've never been one to settle for entry level items so I've saved my coins the past 5 months and ordered this today...
  3. Micro RC
    Just sharing my latest video with the FPV micro Trojan, was buzzin around today, going great when all of a sudden a tree branch jumped out at me which resulted in my vertical stab coming unstuck hehe... I tried to keep it flying but ran into another tree.. Prop makes the funky lines on the...
1-3 of 3 Results