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  1. Boats
    Hello i need help to set up my water cooling but unsure where to put the inlet on the water head (bottom or top) and if anything else i should know about. If i can just put the water from engine to header and then out the boat.
  2. Engines
    Hello, I own a Hot Bodies D8 with the GO Engine .21 pro rear exhaust 3 port engine installed. When i purchased the engine i was told i would need to heat it up with a hair dryer for a while before it would start without it, being caused by a tight fitting piston that would eventually wear down...
  3. Engines
    Hello, I have a HotBodies D8 with the GO Engine .21 Pro Rear Exhaust Turbo Burn Room 3 Port buggy engine. When i purchased the engine i was told that it would have a very tight fitting piston, allowing it to be worn with use and hence ensure high performance. I was told to heat the engine with...
  4. Engine Tuning
    Hey guys, Ive recently installed a 30.5cc big bore kit on my old 23cc Fulie crankcase, But im seeing no increase in power! I am using the stock crab, have installed everything properly and have run the engine in too. What I have found is that no matter what my high end adjustment is, It...
1-4 of 6 Results