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  1. Buggies - Electric
    Hi guys I am eather ganna get the Arrma Raider 1/10 but havent decided on bushed or brushless or the HSP 1/8 Planet but not sure which one i should get. I am ganna be using it off road and and not for racing and ganna be putting it through it paces off road. Which one is better and is there any...
  2. General Talk - R/C
    Hey everyone, after some help, my apologies if this is the wrong section. My younger cousin (around the 12yo mark) is looking to get his first RC car soon, an on-road electric 1/10 and has a budget of around $300-$400 AUD, I am *trying* to do as much research as I can for him so he doesn't get...
  3. Tourers - Electric
    Hey everyone, very new to the rc drifting hobby and have a bought a RTR set with a team orion 1800mah 7.2V Ni-MH battery pack (which is absolutely useless) takes 5 hours to charge fully and lasts 10 - 15 mins not even blasting full throttle the entire time. i honestly know next to nothing about...
  4. General Talk - R/C
    Hi I have this vintage oval looking car and old nitro they are broken. They have no brand marking on them. I was wondering if anyone knows what they is. This would be much appreciated thanks. I have had these for a while a wanted to know what I have thanks for everyones input. :D
  5. General Talk - R/C
    Hi All, I recently pulled out my old (mid 90's) Precedent HiBoy Series II RC Trainer. I thought it was about time I actually built this beast. The plane was originally designed to be powered by a .35 - .45cc petrol engine. But with today's electric motors capable with providing the same...
  6. General Talk - R/C
    Ive got my car and charger to get racing what else may I need Any suggestions I will consider
  7. Tourers - Electric
    i just got the serpent 411 and i'm looking to get started anyone willing to help
  8. Local groups
    Hi All, I'm from Melbourne and new to RC boats. been really excited to finally stump in to a RC forum like this. I've been looking for someone to go boating with. I've only found two clubs so far. guys at Surrey Hills seem to have all kind of boats. but last time when I had a look at...
  9. General Talk - R/C
    Here is my humble effort ...
  10. General Talk - R/C
    Hi, Does anyone know where I might be able to have a bit of solo fun with an electric boat, plane or car in the Blue Mountains? I've just moved to Springwood :P
  11. Boats
    Currently it's just a empty Hull that has never seen water in it's a life. it was given to me for free and i had plans to drop a 26cc Engine in it as you can see it sitting inside the cabin, but then i had a new idea, im planning on putting a Large adjustable dual rudder with pickup , and...
1-11 of 13 Results