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  1. General Talk - Non R/C
    2 Weeks ago i go and buy a Ultra Violet light for my Opals cause it shows the coloration in them. Nothing arrives.. i contact the seller and they tell me it should arrive 10 to 16 days well that didn't happen.. 25 days later i message them and they offer a full refund cause it is "lost in the...
  2. HPI Baja
    This guys sells these bajas on ebay. Anyone know how they perform??
  3. General Talk - R/C
    Thanks everyone, ive made my decision. Thanks for all your opinions. Mods please close this post!!!!
  4. General Talk - R/C
    I want to buy a baja 5b. Is it safe to buy it through ebay. Have any of you's experienced any trouble buying rc vehicles through ebay. Is there a chance it might not have genuine parts and everything??? 2nd thing) What would u rather buy, a hpi baja 5b with a quite a few minor mods or 5b ss...
1-4 of 4 Results