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  1. General Talk - R/C
    Hello i am ew to this website and the community but not to R/c cars but the reason why i need help is im new to Drifting (ive always been a circus sorta guy) I own a HPI Sprint 2 flux and the only thing i really need help with is suspention does anyone know A good suspension Kit i can use for...
  2. Tourers - Electric
    hey everyone, im really new to the rc drift scene and i recently bought a thunder tiger sparrowhawk II from my local hobby shop. its a brushless motor, shaft driven 4wd. it was slightly cheaper than the other options and being a beginner i figured id start off cheaper, so i took it. although...
  3. Videos
    Leo and Jake show you how it is done. RWD drifting! For a closer look at the cars, check out the album on FB: Here are the links to the music and the artist behind it...
1-3 of 3 Results