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  1. Boats
    Hello i need help to set up my water cooling but unsure where to put the inlet on the water head (bottom or top) and if anything else i should know about. If i can just put the water from engine to header and then out the boat.
  2. Servos, ESCs and Failsafes
    Hey guys, I’m hoping that the creative and bright minds of AUSRC can help me. I’m going to be using a Castle Creations Hydra HV 240a (old version/ non ICE/ICE2) in an onroad project, not for racing, just as something fun to do. Cooling is the ESC is one issue. I’ve seen someone thermal...
  3. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hi again im about to order a slash vxl but i want to get some battaries and chargers and stuff and i was wondering if i needed to change anything for it to run 3s lipos without breaking anything ive been reading up and it says somthing about a esc cooling fan and a integy motor fan should i get...
1-3 of 3 Results