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  1. Tourers - Electric
    hey everyone, im really new to the rc drift scene and i recently bought a thunder tiger sparrowhawk II from my local hobby shop. its a brushless motor, shaft driven 4wd. it was slightly cheaper than the other options and being a beginner i figured id start off cheaper, so i took it. although...
  2. Videos link to requester's channel: In this brief episode, I explain how I made and installed a chassis brace onto the rear section of the E REVO Brushless Edition. This was after I broke the stock chassis...
  3. General Info and Requests
    Hi Guys, Just looking for opinions on types of metals to produce a scaled chassis and roll cage. I was thinking copper for its ease of soldering as a form of joining but it could be too ductile for a rigid body. Any advice? Thanks
1-3 of 4 Results