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  1. General Info and Requests
    I've just made a start building an RC "Propeller Car", my first attempt at something other than aircraft. I'd like to purchase a front-end steering assembly, and perhaps a rear-end double-wishbone suspension setup. This could be done either as complete assemblies or as the bits needed for them...
  2. Videos
    fitted show 2014 strickly sidewayz club The fitted show, 2014. In association with the strickly sidewayz club from Toronto. RC drifting and full scale tuner cars. Breakdancing. Awesome food trucks...
  3. General Talk - R/C
    Hi I have this vintage oval looking car and old nitro they are broken. They have no brand marking on them. I was wondering if anyone knows what they is. This would be much appreciated thanks. I have had these for a while a wanted to know what I have thanks for everyones input. :D
  4. General Talk - R/C
    Hi, Does anyone know where I might be able to have a bit of solo fun with an electric boat, plane or car in the Blue Mountains? I've just moved to Springwood :P
1-4 of 4 Results