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  1. General Talk - R/C
    Hi just getting feed back on the work in progress, it can carry a 1/8 and 1/10 slash comfortably, still needs to finshed putting mud guards around wheels and ramp at the back that will also act as a tailgate. This will be multipurpose as I am also making fit a boat.i will also put tie downs and...
  2. Boats
    I'm looking to purchase a jetboat hull of a length between 0.9m to 1.3m. It would be prefferable to have a hull ASAP as it will be used in an Adelaide university engineering project that runs the course of this academic year only. Also if anyone has swashdrive/jettec/MHZ jet units...
  3. Boats
    Hello i need help to set up my water cooling but unsure where to put the inlet on the water head (bottom or top) and if anything else i should know about. If i can just put the water from engine to header and then out the boat.
  4. Local groups
    Hello, Does anyone know of any RC boat clubs in Tasmania preferably Launceston area? Im going to buy a Traxxas spartan soon and would like to join a club to race and muck about with it with other people. Thanks.
  5. Boats
    Hey people, If anyone's got an rc boat or interested in purchasing a boat but don't want to go out on your own, now you don't have too! A friend & i always do weekend runs, it would definitely be more fun & make things more interesting with more people! We're located in south east Melbourne...
  6. Batteries and Chargers
    ok you see i run a 1 meter ETNZ racing yacht fitted with a 5 Channel 2.4GHz DSM2 Aircraft System Tx and a AR500 5Ch Full Range Sport Receiver, Spektrum Metal Gear Winch and also a Spektrum Metal Gear Servo, well the battery the Hobby Dealer gave to me worked great for the yacht powered...
  7. Boats
    Been playing on cad. to come up with a very simple plan for a gas rc boat hull for people new to the hobbie or just a knock around hull for the kids.:thumb: This one will fit most weedie engines straight in so it suits homebuilders like me. Built from the bottom up as a simple flatbottom but...
  8. Boats
    I have recently bought a new nitro truck and have no use for the old buggy. Its nearly at the end of its life. so i thought i would build a nitro jet boat but cant seem to find a cheap jet drive... so i thought i could buy a NQD jet boat and put in the radio, servos and engine from my old car...
1-8 of 9 Results