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  1. Small Electric Helicopters
    Hi there all. Still pretty new to this. Had a Blade mQX for a while now, but wanting to try a six-axis for better stability etc. I was looking at a nano QX until I came across the Walkera Hoten X - but finding stockists in Brisbane/SE Qld is proving difficult. Found one online where I can...
  2. Small Electric Helicopters
    Well I did it, I bought the Blade mCP X. What a great little heli. In the instructions there was no set up for a JR DSX9 so I just copied the settings for the Spekky DX7 and it worked a treat. Straigh out of the box it flies great, no trim needed at all, I can take all hands of the...
  3. RC Helicopter Beginners Forum
    G'day all, Firstly - great forum! Been lurking here the last week as I contemplate my fathers day pressie! I decided on the Blade MSR to get me started and can't wait to give it a run :) As you would all know the MSR comes with a 2nd battery as standard but I'd really like to make full use of...
1-3 of 3 Results