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  1. General Info and Requests
    Im just getting into the hobby and have purchased a tamiya frog. Can anyone suggest a lipo battery , preferably from Hobby King that will fit in the frog?
  2. Tourers - Electric
    Hey everyone, very new to the rc drifting hobby and have a bought a RTR set with a team orion 1800mah 7.2V Ni-MH battery pack (which is absolutely useless) takes 5 hours to charge fully and lasts 10 - 15 mins not even blasting full throttle the entire time. i honestly know next to nothing about...
  3. Batteries and Chargers
    Accidental double post - Please lock this Thread !!
  4. General Talk - R/C
    hey guys i was wondering if it is safe to charge the batteries like this ,and is it the right settings? thanks! its abit dark, but there is 8 batteries in a cradle thing and its connected to the charger with that little white thing. (i dont know the names of these things sorry!)
  5. Batteries and Chargers
    This is quite a good educational read
  6. Batteries and Chargers
    ok you see i run a 1 meter ETNZ racing yacht fitted with a 5 Channel 2.4GHz DSM2 Aircraft System Tx and a AR500 5Ch Full Range Sport Receiver, Spektrum Metal Gear Winch and also a Spektrum Metal Gear Servo, well the battery the Hobby Dealer gave to me worked great for the yacht powered...
  7. Monster Trucks - Electric 1/10 Scale
    Hi all I'm new to hobby RC (toys as a kid) and since October I now have a stampede vxl 2010 (vxl-3s esc + velineon brushless motor). I'm getting a bit confused from my research on the net. What is the benefit of lipo over nimh, apart from power(I have 2 nimh batteries 8.4v 3000 &4200 mAh)...
  8. RC Helicopter Beginners Forum
    G'day all, Firstly - great forum! Been lurking here the last week as I contemplate my fathers day pressie! I decided on the Blade MSR to get me started and can't wait to give it a run :) As you would all know the MSR comes with a 2nd battery as standard but I'd really like to make full use of...
1-8 of 10 Results