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  1. Batteries and Chargers
    I’m flying blind here (Excuse the pun) and would appreciate some advice and help with regards to batteries, especially Lipo’s and NiMH’s. Over the last few years I have gotten the kids into RC buggies, Planes & Boats and have purchased numerous batteries. Due to the dangers of charging Lipo’s, I...
  2. Batteries and Chargers
    Hi all, I have just recently purchased a Brushless HSP Nokier Pro Version (1:8). Same as this one. Great little car, though the supplied 3400mah...
  3. Radios
    hey guys, i bought a Futaba 3pk, recently, and it said in the manual not to use commercial AA batteries in it (i spent 40$ on 8 Rechargeable's for it before hand) are there any problems with using these?
  4. Batteries and Chargers
    I know it can be a rather polarising subject, but I'm hoping to gauge what people are using as their preferred connection type and why ie ease of use, better current, less heat etc I have a mixture of Traxxas and Deans plugs and want to standardise all my connections to one type. At the moment...
  5. Batteries and Chargers
    hey guys I have a 5000mAh 20c 7.4 (2s) LiPo battery and I need to store it because I am going on vacation. When I go into the lipo storage section on my imax it comes up with two settings. One where i can change the (A) from 0.1 to 1.0. The other one lets me change the type of cell it is eg. 7.4...
  6. Buggies - Electric
    So It turns out the xxb I wanted doesn't come with the charger and battery, What battery and charger do you think would be suitable? I can't seem to find any specifically for it. Cheers guys.
  7. RC Helicopter Beginners Forum
    G'day all, Firstly - great forum! Been lurking here the last week as I contemplate my fathers day pressie! I decided on the Blade MSR to get me started and can't wait to give it a run :) As you would all know the MSR comes with a 2nd battery as standard but I'd really like to make full use of...
1-7 of 8 Results