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  1. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hi all, I am new to RC cars have limited experience... recently I purchased a Traxxas Bandit brushed 2nd hand car, looked nice and tidy and tyres had good tread, it was relatively cheap so I bought it... the previous owner said it had very little use, anyway the standard t12 motor burnt out...
  2. Buggies - Electric
    [COLOR="navy"]Hi all. I posted this in another thread, not realizing that it was over a year old, and that it was somewhat irrelevant to the original post, but decided to delete it and create a new thread dedicated to the MIP X-Duty CVD. Currently, I have a bandit with rustler rear arms and...
  3. Buggies - Electric
    Hi all, Got a Traxxas Bandit VXL around two months ago, and i have been super happy with it. Ive made a few upgrades to it, the one affecting performance the most would have to be changing the 7 Cell NIMH battery for a 3 Cell LiPo. I also changed the gearing to what traxxas recommended on the...
1-3 of 3 Results