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  1. Buying / Swapping
    Looking to buy a 1/5 petrol Baja, in good condition. Msg me with price details and pics.
  2. Large Scale - General
    So, I have a Phantom Baja, its an excellent RTR buggy, tuned well, quick and extremely nimble, I'm in love! but a few things I have noticed. #1- The two rear pins that run through the hex bit, as much as I do up the grommets, they keep coming undone = wheels "popping" off mid run. (Wasn't...
  3. Bashing Spots and Tracks
    Hey guys, I'm from the inner west of Sydney and am wondering if some of you can suggest a bashing spot suitable for a 5th scale buggy. Luddenham looked ok but is a little far for me. Thanks in advance!
  4. Selling
    Bought rear arms for my baja forgetting that rpm arms aren't compatible with overkill upper arms. 2x upper 2x lower rear arms black brand new So sell for $50 or swap for new hpi, kraken or phatdad arms. Cash your way for phatdad arms Best to pm or message 0428216567. Not on here as often...
  5. HPI Baja
    I thought I'd mock up another baja brushless conversion slightly different from what's out there at the moment. I saw something like this from finedesignrc ages ago, but then read mixed (and mostly bad) reviews about them, especially from the US boat guys. It is different from the other...
  6. HPI Baja
    hey guys, i want to buy this but it says it plugs into a spare channel of my RX, but ive got the kill switch on the 3rd channel. my question is, does this work in the RS232C plug in my R603FS reciever?! thanks guys!
  7. HPI Baja
    hey guys yes it is true the stock exhaust for my baja 5b keeps getting loose, i lost 1 bolt for it today because of it. anyway to stop this? other then using 500 drops of locktight?
  8. HPI Baja
    hey guys, i just wanted to know your opinions on the Baja 5b tires, they came stock with the HPI dirt busters, but they're already almost gone after the first tank! what are good tires? (PS. can they just be installed over the old wheels, or do i have to buy new wheels for them?) thank you :D
  9. HPI Baja
    hello fellas, i got this control today, i got the transmitter and the reciever for $300. QUESTION TIME: 1) did i get ripped? 2) he had no 3 channel recievers, so he gave me a 6 channel one, will it still work? 3) will it be a nice transmitter for my HPI Baja 5b 2.0? thank you!
  10. General Talk - R/C
    I left the baja at a mates place last weer and he made up a bracket to mountt his fpv gear to. I popped over there today and took the TX this time. We ran it around his front yard a bit, mainly to make sure it would work and things would stay on the car. It is only a short vid, but it was...
  11. Engine Tuning
    Hey guys, Ive recently installed a 30.5cc big bore kit on my old 23cc Fulie crankcase, But im seeing no increase in power! I am using the stock crab, have installed everything properly and have run the engine in too. What I have found is that no matter what my high end adjustment is, It...
  12. Large Scale - General
    I will be getting this baja of off pete05 in a couple of weeks It will be my first 1/5 th scale car. I have previously had a hpi savage x 4.1 and I currently have a hpi firestorm e-flux and helis. I have wanted to have one for a while...
  13. General Talk - R/C
    Hi I'm Luke Bond Hey all you rc heads out there. Just letting you know that there is a mini supercross indoor/outdoor racing facility that is opening in Charmhaven on the Central Coast NSW. This is going to be suitable for 1/10,1/8,1/5 scale rc cars nitro,gas and electric. all day driving...
  14. General Talk - R/C
    KM Baja road driving GV Dominator (same as hobao hyper)
  15. SSME - Large Scale Off Road Section
    Hi all, Just starting a thread to show off some of the pictures that were taken, during the SSME July 2011 Open Day, with my camera. Click the following link... >>>>>SSME July 2011 Open Day <<<<<
  16. HPI Baja
    How long have you guys driven your baja without breaking anything?? Just a general question, so i can get an approximate on how long mine will last without breaking. I mean just driving on grass etc. Not BIG jumps or anythng!
  17. General Talk - R/C
    I want to buy a baja 5b. Is it safe to buy it through ebay. Have any of you's experienced any trouble buying rc vehicles through ebay. Is there a chance it might not have genuine parts and everything??? 2nd thing) What would u rather buy, a hpi baja 5b with a quite a few minor mods or 5b ss...
1-17 of 21 Results