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  1. General Talk - R/C
    when i signed up i liked the name i put but its getting old and im sick of it... so how can i delete this account and restart with my new email since i will be deleting my old one i no longer need. Thankyou
  2. Site News
    So...... It's looks like I am about to hit the 5000 post benchmark! :flame::humble: I joined this site back in October 2006 during the good old days before Kambo (then The Real Kambo) and DaMstaChizz where household names! How times have changed! :lock1: Cheers Mr AUSRC (Chris) for your...
  3. Rules and Regulations
    The forum rules have been completely rewritten with the release of AUSRC.COM V3, and all members that have posted on the forum will have been asked to accept the rules prior to being allowed to post. The forum rules can be found in the menu bar, while on the "Forum" section of AUSRC.COM. The...
  4. Site News
    Please post any bugs or feedback in here for actioning. Cheers, Chris.
  5. Site News
    AUSRC.COM v3 - GOES LIVE!! Well, after quite a few weeks of testing, and a long night on the migration of the production server, I am proud to announce the official launch of AUSRC.COM v3. The site is now hosted on vBulletin 4 which is probably one of the most robust and well support community...
1-5 of 5 Results