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  1. Videos
    G'day Aussie friends... not sure if people here are into the quadcopters, but my friend picked up the AR Drone 2.0 a while back and we went to his place to check it out! If you guys enjoy this enjoy this one, the wife and I have a couple others of our Blade mQX and the AR. Cheers, Giggz
  2. HPI Baja
    hey guys, today i got my BAja in the mail, and it was good fun!! but i do have abit of question i must ask you! 1) i flipped it once, is it just me or now i hear something rattling inside? 2) i think i over filled the gas tank, is it meant to leak slighty? 3) i also bought i charger, i think...
  3. HPI Baja
    hey guys! i have recently bought myself a Baja 5B 2.0 RTR, and its coming in the mail, so i thought i would get ready! i had a couple questions! 1) has anybody got a review of the 2.0 Radio gear? 2) how big is the petrol tank in the 5B? 3) do i need a battery pack for the remote, or just 8 AA...
1-3 of 3 Results