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  1. Buying / Swapping
    Looking to buy a 1/5 petrol Baja, in good condition. Msg me with price details and pics.
  2. General Talk - R/C
    I would like to see how some of you guys and girls store your bigger cars and trucks please post pictures so I can get some ideas. Thanks in advance
  3. Large Scale - General
    Hi everyone.. First post. I've got a 1/5 bajer and just recieved metal gears for it. The plastic ones have held up for a long time but I am in the process of making it a bit stronger and faster. I have recieved the metal gears with the 4 holes to Attach to shaft but I have the othe set with...
  4. Events
    8-11 September 2011, Moorebank Raceway Event details on Registration is closing soon
1-4 of 5 Results