Gday long time lurker, 1st time poster, hello all

Bought a battered, abused and bruised baja and tore the 32cc engine down and had a play with it. 1st time effort.

Lightened the new piston, some basic porting to the new head and matching bottom to top end to improve air flow, cleaned up the transfers and some ramping or trenching as some know it as.

Touched up the inlet and outlets, just a tad, and took a smidgen of the edge of the piston which lines up with the exhaust port, about 0.5mm.

And she runs, actually screams now, so damn happy, but had to richen it up alot as it was running way too lean. Also did the metering spring mod to the stock carb but needs another diaphragm.

Is it worth it raising the compression by reducing the thickness of the stock gasket, and if so, what thickness copper gasket do u suggest using to achieve this.

Whats the recommended squish clearance for a 32cc as id like to measure and know this for safety.