Hi All,
I am just getting started into the RC world and have a Stampede, but now looking at purchasing a new Traxxas, probably the Raptor or Slash,
So, i was after some others opinions please,

I read somewhere that the Raptor is the same device as the Slash, just different cover, but then i read somewhere else that the Raptor has greater ground clearance, does anyone have any preferences of one over the other.
The ones that i am considering getting are:

B) If i buy a RC car with brushless motor, does that need i need to buy a LIPO battery/charger, or can they still run on the regular NIMH batteries

C) If the ad or box packaging mentions RTR, is it safe to assume it comes with the Car/Radio and Battery/Charger, or not necessarily?
I am finding it quite confusing while shopping around, some of the online descriptions mention RTR but then show different pics to what the main pic is showing such as different colours etc.

D) Any recommendations for stores around the Ryde area-Sydney, i know there are 2 in Parramatta and one in Lidcome, anything else closer by that i can visit to buy Traxxas?