Hi all, I am new to RC cars have limited experience... recently I purchased a Traxxas Bandit brushed 2nd hand car, looked nice and tidy and tyres had good tread, it was relatively cheap so I bought it... the previous owner said it had very little use, anyway the standard t12 motor burnt out within first day of mild use so I went to local hobby shop to look for a replacement, no original traxxas motors available and was talked into buying a Tamiya Super Stock TZ motor so thats what I ended up getting. Problem is that this motor heats up like crazy to the point of it starting to actually smoke? everything is standard on the Bandit as far as I can see (26 - 76 geared). So as an experiment I switched out the motor and swapped it for a brushed rustler motor and it also got extremely hot? so I then put the Tamiya motor in the Rustler and it overheated? so I'm confused... the Bandit Burns original T12 motor and Tamiya Super Stock and Rustler Burns Super stock but is fine with T12? can any one shed some knowledge here? what the hell is going on? both cars are stock standard running on 2s lipos, both have the same standard esc. any help would be greatly appreciated.