I've run across some old posts regarding running 6S in the savage flux HP and guys saying you should run the 25T pinion vs a 20T. This seems odd to me.

I know it's an old truck and most of the info I find is old, but thought I'd ask to see if anyone with experience with it can explain or point me to some posts that explain it.

I got my flux HP used a year or two ago. I have always run 4S in it with 44/20 gearing and proline trencher 3.8's. I replaced the motor/esc with a MMX/2200kv sensored as the version of flux I had had the MMv1 in it that wasn't waterproof.

When I got it, it had RPM arms and the HPI upgraded suspension kit with alloy hubs and extra movement in the steering. I replaced all that with stock parts as the arms would flex so much on landing that I was snapping shock ends every time I ran it and the steering kit kept snapping bolts off for the upper arms as it just used 3mm bolts to connect vs the hinge pin on the inside for the upper arms.

The wheelies got old and I had broke 3-4 rear pinions on less than ideal landings. So, I found a super 5SC transmission that had a center diff and I'm running 700k oil in that. Now I can actually drive the thing hard without flipping all the time. Really made the truck a lot more fun to run. I think the motor is running a bit hot though now as I'm able to run WOT a lot more. Still running 4S.

I got an outcast last year, I ran 4S in it for quite a while, but started running 6S in it. In an effort to not have to keep so many of different type of packs around, I figured I'd run 6S in the flux as well. When I did so on the outcast, I had to gear down to keep from overheating the esc. Yet, with the savage, I'm finding quite a few posts that say the opposite, which makes no sense to me. Even when on 4S, when I ran a 21T, I was running hot at the esc, so I dropped to a 20T.

I was going to try running 17/44, but I didn't realize that it wouldn't mechanically fit, can't slide the motor far enough to mesh as it hits the motor plate support brace. So, I just ordered a 47T steel X RRP spur and was going to figure out how to put that in, then possibly run an 18T or the 20T I had with it instead. While searching for gearing that would physically fit, I ran across the posts saying to run the 25T on 6S... which negates the $30 I just spent on a 47T spur. lol!

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd like to hear it.