Hi, first time poster and I'm not a rc enthusiast either, sorry. But I am hoping that someone might have some insights, advice or predictions.
I'm thinking about putting together (or getting someone who knows this stuff to put together) a large stable boat that can be used for remote control hydrographic (sonar) surveys. These things are available commercially (e.g. google accura boat) but pretty pricey, so I'm scoping out the alternative.
The ideal situation is a cat or trimaran hull, twin electric engine, splash or waterproof. If you do the search suggested above, the first link has some photos. The yellow box is a survey ground echo sounder the same as mine (280x250x125mm) - so the boat has to fit that in, along with a housing for the transducer, batteries, etc. So I think the boat has to be at least 1m long.
Also ideally is that the thing could be programmed to follow a mow the lawn pattern for a given lake as well as having manual control. It doesn't need to go fast.
Firstly I'm wondering if there is a suitable hull available somewhere?
Then - what do you think my chances are of a successful outcome?