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    Newbie Here

    G'Day All,
    Have joined to find out about RC boats, tried cars, couldn't keep up with the turning. and braking once the speed went up.
    Mate and I have decided to have a look at boats, there's a Club I see in SA so will look at them for a start.

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    Welcome. The Ghost should be along sometime, he's the resident boat guru on here.

    But he's over on the east coast, one day I may be floating around over that way again, I'll message him and see if I can have a look at his impressive builds first hand.

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    I played with boats for a while. Was an old school brushed setup I'd had since I was 15. The stock motor let out the smoke one day so i through in a new motor and it got so hot it melted the solder on the motor wires and was stranded in the middle of the pond hahaha luckily I had my son's boat to push it to shore. I then bought a brushless motor and water cooling kit etc but never got around to fitting it. One day I'll do it hahaha.

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