i have read through some of the forums, but there are quite a few to wade through, so forgive me if someone has already covered this.
I've been into Helis, including building up, for a little while now, so I've got some knowledge...I'm no expert but I manage to muddle through most of the time.
I recently procured a Spektrum DX 7 transmitter and am having trouble interpreting the Gyro Settings.
My previous Transmitter was a 6 Channel FlySky, which I could program much more easily.
The biggest issue is, most threads relating to this, talk about using the gear Channel to change between HH and Rate....But, I'm using my gear channel for retracts.
My GY 401 is plugged into Channel 4 and 5(Signal)
I can get the gyro to switch between HH and rate by adjusting the Downrate....but just what is Uprate and Downrate???.
My FlySky simply changed from HH to Rate when I flicked the 'Stunt Switch (DR)...the menu then was limited to changing the values to lower or higher than 50%....so I get that bit....I didn't have this UpRate and DownRate to contend with....can anyone shed some light to give me the ...AaAhhhhh Now I get it moment?
Cheers, Dan