Losi 8ight truggy 2200kv overheating
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    Losi 8ight truggy 2200kv overheating

    Hi im trying to work out how to stop my motor overheating im running a 150amp esc and castle 2200kv motor with 45t spur and 14t pinion running on 4 cell 35c. I was running a 16t pinion and dropped to the 14t because it got really hot 70c but even after dropping to the 14 its still hits 70c after one pack and goes into thermal protection i also have the castle fan installed. Has anyone got any ideas how to solve my problem or do i just needto use a bigger spur say 48t.

    Cheers james

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    What happens if a motor overheats is it loses some of the magnetic strength in the rotor, and after that even if you gear it perfectly with fans etc it will still run hot until the rotor is replaced.

    That said 70C isn't an unreasonable temp, is the motor or the ESC thermalling out? (Given a Castle motor is sensorless it sounds like the ESC is) If it's the ESC look for something thats causing the amp load to be higher than normal like drivetrain binding, busted bearings along the transmission or even the bearings in the motor.
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