[For Sale] 2002 Mercedes C200 Kompressor Elegance - $7500
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    2002 Mercedes C200 Kompressor Elegance - $7500

    Hey all.

    Selling my fiancés C200 Kompressor. 140,000kms, leather seats, amg wheels, sunroof, built-in navigation. September 2014 rego.

    Like a lot of girls I know she has pretty much driven it into the ground
    Body and interior aren't the best and could both do with TLC. The engine revs loudly upon start-up, mechanic says it could be an exhaust leak or air-flow meter, engine also needs some TLC. The car is on REVS as it was bought from the auctions as a stolen/recovered.

    I'm not trying to sell the car for something that it's not I'm stating all the issues and pricing it accordingly. Despite the issues she has owned it for around 4 years and it has been reliable, it still starts and drives. I don't have the time or the care factor to fix it as we've already bought her a new car.

    I've got it advertised on carsales and gumtree at $8500 but I'm happy to sell it for $7500. I'll also consider swaps if it's something that interests me.

    If anyone else wants anymore info or to check it out private message me.


    Photos here - http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bass-...dan/1043156898

    Couldn't upload the pics for some reason
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