I posted this question on a US forum and really dis not get a good repley.

Just a question to the collective knowledge and skill of the forum.

I am installing E-flight 6--120 retracts into my VQ T-34 with RcSkylight oleos.

The main gear is 5mm outside dameter (OD) pin that fits nicely on the 5mm Inside diameter (ID) Oleo legs for mains.

Here is the issue.

The Eflight nose gear leg is a 4mm outside diameter BUT the nose oleo is 5mm Inside diameter..

There are no 4mm ID oleos for the size I can find.

I am thinking of a 5m OD and 4mm ID carbon fibre as a sleive.. but there must be a more elegant way of mating the elfight leg to the nose oleo ?

Any ideas anyone ?

Does anyone know any small shop/organisation where I can get some steel pins milled 4mm one end and 5mm the other ?

Space Angel