Traxxas TQi calibration - Help!!
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    Question Traxxas TQi calibration - Help!!

    Hi everyone.

    So I bought a RALLY for my son, and we were having a ball today.
    Long story short, my SLash cooked it's motor, and the Rally popped the standard battery and it's cooked the ESC. This is the second car in a row for me, that a Traxxas NiMH battery has popped immediately and cooked an esc.... I'll throw the next traxxas battery I ever see straight in the bloody bin!

    Anyway, I plugged the Slash's Velineon VXL-3 straight into the Rally, thinking away we'd go.
    For some reason the hand-controller was blinking green really fast. Couldn't get it to work, despite attempting to go through the blinking menu's to set throttle trim etc., to get around the green-blinking.
    So I decided to try resetting it back to factory default. Oh man....
    Now the steering wheel left (and trim knob) makes the wheels steer left and accelerate, and steering right makes the wheels steer right and reverse.
    The trigger does nothing......
    What the hell? Why on earth would the default be stupid?

    Help me please!
    How can I fix this and cheer up my son?

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    Have you got the manual for the vxl? I've never owned one but calibrating it should do the trick, make sure everything is plugged in rite and your trims are all at 0

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    Got it sorted.

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