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    Hughes 450

    Evening all,

    I've just maidened my Hughes 450 which is essentially an Align 450CF with one of those modest Hughes scale fuses which set me back a princely 50 bucks or so. Anyway as I was saying the maiden flight went ahead today in great conditions. I have two 3S 2200mah batts in parallel for grunt and balance. It flew well, but seemed to run out puff quickly almost like the batts were failing but I had low voltage sirens on both and no noise from them so I guess it's not a voltage drop. Add to that I ran 3 pairs of batts through this arvo and each time the Hughes got 'tired' about 3 minutes into the flight. I suspect that the motor or esc is having a hard time because at the end of the last flight I could smell that characteristic odour of hot motor winding laquer, it was faint, but it was there. I'm concerned that the motor may be faulty or simply not up to the task. Now it's a brand new motor so that could explain the smell, like it's running in OR it's pulling way too many amps and having 4400mah at it's disposal means that could could be a possibilty. Anyway I feel that it could do with a bigger motor, I'd rather be over powered and not need need it. It's currenty got the stock Align motor and 35amp ESC. A lot of info there but any help appreciated.


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