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    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone,

    A mate and myself usually fly RC planes but for those off days when the weather isn't playing nice we are thinking about getting an RC offroad car to thrash around.

    I've been reading around the forums for a week or two now and I've narrowed my huge list of great cars down to a few. I'm not too sure what type of driving I want to do yet, whethers it's going to be just bashing around the bush somewhere or whether I want to eventually join a club and start competing. Still need to think about that a bit.

    For sheer bashing fun I thought of either the HPI Savage SS X 4.6 or Traxxas T-Maxx.

    For something that could be used for either bashing or racing I was looking at the Hobao Hyper ST Pro.

    My main hobby will still be flying (for now ) so trying to keep the cost down is a big factor, especially after just finishing setting up a new large scale plane. The fun police won't appreciate another draining of the savings account.

    See you around the threads !!!

    Thanks, crash

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    Out of the trucks my vote would defiantly go to the Savage hands down, the T-Maxx is an old design that has had it day, and being Traxxas (no offence) I would stay away from it, and yes, I have owned one myself for a long time (still have it too, but don't run it anymore)

    As for the Hyper st truggy - Truggies are the new hot thing and racing them is on the rise at the moment, so if you were going to get a truggy (which will give you the best of both worlds, bashability and race-a-bility!!! ) you would have the option of taking it to a track and being able to race it as it is a more stable platform then any monster truck will ever be.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    You won't go past ethe Savage mate - unless of course you want to go larger scale - aka Baja!

    I had a 4.6 SS savage for a while and it was a reliable and strong truck. Easy to hop up and plenty of add ons available.

    I only sold mine to fund my Baja addiction.


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