AUSRC.COM - AUSRC.COM Subscribers Promotion - January 2011 (We're running late) - $649 Value!!
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  • AUSRC.COM Subscribers Promotion - January 2012 (We're running late) - $649 Value!!

    Well everyone, after a few delays and much anticipation I am happy to announce the 3rd Subscribers Draw for 2011/12 and Fred has up'ed the ante again.

    Thanks to RC Hobbies, our prize this round is a 1.3m long, 26cc gas powered, fibreglass hull, ready to run RC Boat.

    The prize can be viewed on the RC Hobbies website here:

    In a nutshell, the specifications of this great price are:
    Product Specifications:

    Length: 1310mm
    Beam: 400mm
    Height: 260mm
    N.W.: 7.5kg
    G.W.: 15.7kg
    G.W.(W/ Radio): 16.3kg
    Radio: 2-Channel AM Radio
    Hull Material: Fiberglass Composite
    Prop Size: D78XP1.4
    Power System:Gas 26cc engine

    Due to the late release of this promotion, the price will be drawn on Friday 9 March 2012 at RC Hobbies. I will get Fred to come back to me with timings for the draw.

    I would like to thank Fred and the RC Hobbies team for yet again supplying an awesome price for the AUSRC.COM community. Those of you that have been around AUSRC.COM for a while know that Fred has been a long time supporter of our site, and frankly I don't think we would have seen the success, growth or longevity without RC Hobbies ongoing support.

    For those of you unfamiliar with RC Hobbies, please vist them at

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    1. Baja Dan's Avatar
      Baja Dan -
      And I'm off work crook today, but luckily I'm in Sydney to come see the quack, so I'll just pick up my new boat on the way home hey?!
    1. PC WIZ's Avatar
      PC WIZ -
      Yeah it shouldn't be too hard to get one, just walk in with $649. Can you pick up my prize while your there? He He

      Good luck Dan!
    1. AUSRC's Avatar
      AUSRC -

      RC Hobbies have over achieved and have sent me the details.

      I am happy to announce that the winner is not only a hell of a nice guy and a LONG standing AUSRC member, but he has also had a hell of year last year and I hope this is an indication of his luck continuing to improve.

      CONGRATULATIONS TO XR8UTE... you deserve it Deano....

      I big thank you obviously has to go out to Fred and the boys at RC Hobbies... as always their support is outstanding.

    1. PC WIZ's Avatar
      PC WIZ -
      Congrats to you Deano! I'm gunna go get a 6 pack and drown my sorrows. lol

      Now, what's the next prize going to be? It can't be too far away now.
    1. stevo1957's Avatar
      stevo1957 -
      Congrats Deano,

      Guess they'd better clean up the pond at Luddenam, eh?

      BTW, to my knowledge there is no conversion kit available that will convert this marine craft to off-road so that you can fang it around the SOLS track.


    1. xr8ute's Avatar
      xr8ute -
      Unbelievable Guys, Chris just called me with the good news!

      As he said I hope this is a sign of things to come, in 45 years on this planet this is the first prize I have ever won!

      A big thank you to AUSRC and RC Hobbies, they have been massive supporters for all of us and I will happily take some shots of the new craft on the pond at the SSME and put them up in due course.

      I appreciate it very much !!



      Ps .... Steve I might have to make a trailer for the T now .... lol
    1. BigKev aka The Frog's Avatar
      BigKev aka The Frog -
      Congratulations Deano. I have the beverages for our celebratory drink tonight.

      Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
    1. Godles's Avatar
      Godles -
      Congratulations Deano, can't wait to see in the dam at luddenham
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      little_drifter -
      Congrats mate.

      So when is the next draw??

    1. Mick.'s Avatar
      Mick. -
      Lucky bugger!

      Congrats, hope you get some enjoyment out of it!
    1. AUSRC's Avatar
      AUSRC -
      At this stage, and I need to talk to Fred, we are looking at a mid April announcement and a late May draw... I would think.

      Let's give Deano some time to enjoy this one first.

      Also, I need to look at process of addressing past winners. We have received some good feedback, and this last draw was "all in" as per the previous two, but we might review this based on everyone's feedback.
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      little_drifter -
      Excellent my birthday is the 11th of April. Would be a perfect present for me.

      Has to be a plank!!

    1. PC WIZ's Avatar
      PC WIZ -
      Bet it's a Heli. My B/day is in August but I don't mind early presents. I have to say though, after the boat went I have kind of lost interest a bit now.
    1. little_drifter's Avatar
      little_drifter -
      Already had a heli! Better hand in your membership if you have lost interest!

    1. PC WIZ's Avatar
      PC WIZ -
      Ha Ha, I havn't lost interest in the forum Matt. Maybe we might be offered a nice brushless combo or a good radio set. Who knows, it could even be a gift voucher so you can buy what you want.
    1. Baja Dan's Avatar
      Baja Dan -
      Big congrats Deano, couldnt think of anyone here that deserves it more, you put in a lot of work for the hobby, largescale especially.

      Thanks, and congrats again.
    1. Sandman77's Avatar
      Sandman77 -
      Congrats Deano, enjoy your new toy
    1. Keeper's Avatar
      Keeper -

      You put a lot into the hobby so well deserved.
    1. RatsacK's Avatar
      RatsacK -
      Congrats Deano. I hate you! Hope you have fun with it!
    1. xr8ute's Avatar
      xr8ute -
      Thanks boys, I'm out at Roc RC headquarters drinking some of Big Kevs honey turkey home brew ..... yummmmm

      I just put the ass end on it and dropped a little fuel in and she started second pull.
      I'll stick a wakbro carbie on it and she will sing.
      I'll get some photos of her in the water at open day.

      Next to the Baja

      Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk