: Drift Association - what is it?

02-04-2007, 04:11 PM
This sub-forum will provide information on mechanical and structural set ups, bash days, race days and other helpful sources of information.

What is the Association?

A Government registered hobby association. Useful in the case of an event where $$ were involved to hire premises, food etc - and is tax deductible. Not much for general bashing - but is there to assist if needed.

What does the association do?

Primarily, we race! The association is not the competition! Once the drifting starts, it's best ontrackeverytime. Nitro's are the preferred, but it's always fun to drift an electric and a nitro side-by-side.

What is a race?

Drift racing is different to normal circuit racing. It is subjective (criteria for racing applies), as opposed to objective (1st across the line). Generally it is no more than 2 cars at a time, in a round robin knockout event- but novelty events with multiple cars at onceare always fun.

How has it been done?

We generally have two cars, race two 10 lap races, to determine a points based winner. 10 laps lead. 10 laps pursuit (follow - can over take, but then must give way - follow etc).

If you are leading and the pursuit constantly overtakesyou lose a point, they gain one. If you finish 1st (10laps) and they 2nd, both even. change over etc.

So the basic aim of the race is:

when in pursuit - overtake the lead drifter as many times as possible, so the quicker you drop back to pursuit (2nd) the quicker you can overtake again.</LI>
when in lead - don't get over taken for 10 laps</LI>
While it would be good to have realistic (1:1) drift rules, it becomes too complex to still be able toget out there and have a go, without needing multiple officials etc.[/LIST]The important thing is participants agree on the objective of the race before they start! It may change from one event to another, due to situation, restrictions, noise, etc.

Be thoughtful of your surroundings - but get out there and have a go!

We race a few tracks regularly, as it helps to build the control and skill, and the tracks suit the only areas we can find. Always open to new challenges though. See below - one of our track setups:

video here - youtube (http://youtube.com/watch?v=CFlO-u3kQuA)

We recommend HPI Stage D as a good source for setups for drifting (ie - tyres, chassis set up [mid mounted engines], and technology [drift assist systems - basically a land based gyro]).

Any and all welcome.