: New member, looking for a cheap place to buy Traxxas TRX-4

26-11-2019, 01:13 PM
Hi everyone!

New member from Brisbane here!

Chasing a Traxxas TRX-4.
Not interested in the Sport/Tactical/G500.
Tossing up between the Defender/Bronco/Blazer.
Leaning towards the Defender.

Figured since Black Friday/Cyber Monday is almost upon us now might be a good time?

Problem is I'm not sure where to look...
Looking for a cheap deal - happy to buy online - but lots of places seem to not have any stock?

Kind regards,

26-11-2019, 01:15 PM
So far I've come up with:

$875.33 defender budgethobbies.com.au (out of stock)
$858.37 blazer budgethobbies.com.au
$778.69 bronco budgethobbies.com.au (out of stock)

$799.95 defender mildtowildrc.com.au (out of stock)
$859.95 blazer mildtowildrc.com.au

$775.00 defender crazyhobbies.com.au (out of stock)
$799.00 defender crazyhobbies.com.au ebay store
$839.00 blazer crazyhobbies.com.au
$699.00 bonco crazyhobbies.com.au ebay store
$749.00 bonco crazyhobbies.com.au

$829.00 defender onestoprchobbies.com.au (out of stock)
$779.95 bronco onestoprchobbies.com.au (out of stock)

$849.99 defender hobbytechtoys.com.au ebay store
$899.99 defender hobbytechtoys.com.au
$899.99 blazer hobbytechtoys.com.au
$899.99 bonco hobbytechtoys.com.au

Any advice/help? Any other/overseas stores I should be checking out?

02-12-2019, 02:45 PM
Update if anyone in the future is ever interested:

Got myself a Red Defender from crazyhobbies.com.au ebay store
They had a special, listed at $739
Used code PRINCE200 ($50 off) got it for $689